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AAAHP Conference 2019 THRIVE Airway Workshop

  • 19 Oct 2019
  • 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Cairns Hilton


  • For AAAHP Conference Delegates only

Registration is closed


Dr Peter Elepfandt will conduct the following workshop to compliment his presentation at the Conference following the workshop.

Learning points:
  • Thrive extends safe apnoeic period in non-obese adults and children.
  • Should be considered as part of the anaesthesia plan to maintain oxygenation. However, the safe apnoeic window may vary with co-morbidities and cardiorespiratory reserve of the patient.
2017 has seen continued interest and expansion in the role of THRIVE (Transnasal Humidified Rapid Insufflation Ventilator Exchange) in clinical anaesthetic practice with publications in both adult and paediatric patients. 


Gustafsson and colleagues found THRIVE able to keep non-obese patients with mild systemic disease well oxygenated for up to 30 minutes, extending the safe apnoeic window. Hyperventilation during pre-oxygenation had no impact on the PaCO2 at the end of apnoea compared with normoventilation. They reported an increase in PaCO2 during apnoea of approximately 0.24 kPa.min-1. This was in keeping with the study by Patel and Nouraei. 


Promisingly, THRIVE appears to convey a similar benefit in healthy children by significantly prolonging the safe apnoeic time with no significant effect on CO2 clearance.

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